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There is a file locking problem in FreeDOS which I believe that was fixed, so i suggest:

1) use the latest FreeDOS kernel from
2) test with MS-DOS. The test you reffer to bellow was with which DOS?

The problem may not be in dosemu ;-)


Rafał Cygnarowski escreveu:
 > Now my problem is to get to those files in a safe way

 > (which seems to be using smb client under dos - of course end points run

 > linux so dos have to run under dosemu).

 Why is it not safe to run samba client under Linux? and doseemu on top

 of that?

Locks are not "inherited". When dos under dosemu try to lock file or region

of file these locks are not passed to samba server.

 > I have similar configurations already

 > running, but I use Novell Netware (and MarsNW) with ipx and Novell

 > Client. Unfrotunatelly this time I can't use Novell and have to solve

 > dosemu to samba connectivity problem.

 What go wrong if you use a linux-samba client on every machine and use

 dosemu with lredir? Have you tried it?

I use for lock tests. Results of such solution are below:

test        result   (test description)

-------     -------  -----------------------------------------------------

Test #1     Passed.  (Creating & modifying & deleting files)

Test #2     FAILED!  (Examining & modifying file attributes)

Test #3     FAILED!  (Enforced exclusive access, and share errors)

Test #4     Passed.  (Shared read access to files)

Test #5     FAILED!  (Shared modify access to files)

Test #6     Passed.  (File commit)

Test #7     FAILED!  (File region locking, and lock errors)


Test #8     not run  (Adjacent region locks, and lock/write conflicts)

Test #9     Passed.  (Appending & verifying new file sizes [NT 3.5 bug])

Test #10    Passed.  (Appending & verifying file sizes w/ closes)

Test #11    Passed.  (Appending & verifying file sizes w/ file commits)

Semaphore   Passed.  (semaphore-file kludge)

Test #3-A   Passed.  (Enforced exclusive access & share errors, 2-session)

Test #5&6-A FAILED!  (Shared modify access & file commit, 2-session)

Test #7-A   FAILED!  (File region locking, 2-session)


The same test on the same resource with client directly connected to samba (eg. on XP) passes all tests.


Rafał Cygnarowski


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