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> > Now my problem is to get to those files in a safe way
> > (which seems to be using smb client under dos - of course end points run
> > linux so dos have to run under dosemu).
> Why is it not safe to run samba client under Linux? and doseemu on top
> of that?

Locks are not "inherited". When dos under dosemu try to lock file or region 
of file these locks are not passed to samba server.

> > I have similar configurations already
> > running, but I use Novell Netware (and MarsNW) with ipx and Novell
> > Client. Unfrotunatelly this time I can't use Novell and have to solve
> > dosemu to samba connectivity problem.
> What go wrong if you use a linux-samba client on every machine and use
> dosemu with lredir? Have you tried it?

I use for lock tests. Results 
of such solution are below:

test        result   (test description)
-------     -------  -----------------------------------------------------
Test #1     Passed.  (Creating & modifying & deleting files)
Test #2     FAILED!  (Examining & modifying file attributes)
Test #3     FAILED!  (Enforced exclusive access, and share errors)
Test #4     Passed.  (Shared read access to files)
Test #5     FAILED!  (Shared modify access to files)
Test #6     Passed.  (File commit)
Test #7     FAILED!  (File region locking, and lock errors)
Test #8     not run  (Adjacent region locks, and lock/write conflicts)
Test #9     Passed.  (Appending & verifying new file sizes [NT 3.5 bug])
Test #10    Passed.  (Appending & verifying file sizes w/ closes)
Test #11    Passed.  (Appending & verifying file sizes w/ file commits)
Semaphore   Passed.  (semaphore-file kludge)
Test #3-A   Passed.  (Enforced exclusive access & share errors, 2-session)
Test #5&6-A FAILED!  (Shared modify access & file commit, 2-session)
Test #7-A   FAILED!  (File region locking, 2-session)

The same test on the same resource with client directly connected to samba 
(eg. on XP) passes all tests.

Rafał, Cygnarowski
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