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Rafał Cygnarowski escreveu:
Of course it works, but not when fs is redistributed. That's the point!
To avoid redistribution I have to run smb client under dosemu and problem
I have is to run it at all.
So here is what I don't understand: what is "when fs is redistributed"?

I assume you have a samba server with the files and a samba client on
your machine, ok?

Yes, I have samba server which shares files (database files) and DOS program which uses those files.

So far so good :)

Now my problem is to get to those files in a safe way (which seems to be using smb client under dos - of course end points run linux so dos have to run under dosemu).

Why is it not safe to run samba client under Linux? and doseemu on top of that?

I have similar configurations already running, but I use Novell Netware (and MarsNW) with ipx and Novell Client. Unfrotunatelly this time I can't use Novell and have to solve dosemu to samba connectivity problem.

What go wrong if you use a linux-samba client on every machine and use dosemu with lredir? Have you tried it?

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