Re: trouble with Generic Cadd on 1.3.3/FC5-X86_64

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Hi, Bart.

I tried switching the emulator as you suggested. Different behavior,
but actually somewhat even worse than before. The Cadd program itself
still crashes both itself and dosemu, with the error message

athena:jeg> xdosemu &
[1] 2404
athena:jeg>ERROR: eVGAEmuFault: unimplemented decode instr at 080b3db7: \

returns to shell; xdosemu window vanishes. The boot.log is not any more
informative, but at least both say SOMETHING:

======================= ENTER CPU-EMU ===============

ERROR: eVGAEmuFault: unimplemented decode instr at 080b3db7: 3b401088
leavedos(22083|0x5643) called - shutting down
leavedos() called from within a signal context!
======================= LEAVE CPU-EMU ===============

But this version also crashes both itself and the dos program for
the very simple little cadd configuration program, which is entirely
text mode and writes a little ~1 kb text configuration file. It dies
and says

athena:jeg> ERROR: EMU86: error 96

returns to shell, window goes away. This happens at the very end
while the file is being written; it gets about a third of the way
done and dies--always in the same place (about 5 lines in) in the file.

the boot.log says

======================= ENTER CPU-EMU ===============

ERROR: EMU86: error 96
leavedos(0|0x0) called - shutting down
======================= LEAVE CPU-EMU ===============

So no better off than before. If there is anything I can do, please
let me know.

thanks much

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