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On Tue, 9 May 2006, Clarence Dang wrote:

On Tuesday 09 May 2006 01:22, Brecht Hoflack wrote:
Clarence Dang wrote:
On Friday 05 May 2006 23:54, Brecht Hoflack wrote:
i am using DOSEMU 1.3.3 with direct hardware graphics.  When i call
dosemu with the dosemu -t command the direct graphics don't seem to

dosemu -s

I was actually using dosemu -s -t.


They are only partially opposites; -s -t may be useful if you want to run text-mode DOS with direct hardware access to, say, the native speaker and
parellel ports.

But of course, -t sets pure terminal mode so any graphics are gone.

When trying to do this in a Xterm
the graphical part is not working (probably caused by the -t switch).

dosemu -t in an xterm cannot display graphics.  dosemu -s (for console
graphics) does not work in X.

it works here...

So how can i run run Dosemu in X without starting XDosemu (and without
using the -t switch).

If you want graphics in X, type "xdosemu" or "dosemu -X" to bring up a window.
More recently, you can just type "dosemu".


It was already configured this way.  Control Break does not work using
the -t switch however.

You simply don't want -t.


dosemu -t is only for text in consoles. Useful for xterm's with scrollable history.

"dosemu -t" is useful in several situations, but scrollable history isn't one of them. If you want history, you need "dosemu -dumb", and that will only work with pure commandline DOS stuff (no TUIs).

But "dosemu -t" *is* useful in situations like:
* you are on the console and don't need graphics; it starts up a bit
  quicker than dosemu -s. Or you use the console and don't have root.
* you are using DOSEMU remotely on a slow connection or without an X
  server (e.g. Putty in plain Windows, real serial terminals, ...).
* you want to use a DOS TUI which works with more than 80x25 columns.
  (the Watcom Debugger is one example of those).

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