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Mike McCarty wrote:
Larry Alkoff wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

I have the same problem, along with the lower contrast.

Here's what I do, using the GNOME descktop manager:

(1) Start a text window
(2) $ xterm -pc -fg white -bg black -geometry 80x25
(3) When the window opens, in the text area...

You may prefer to switch the bg/fg colors, but anyway this gives a
nice large font with intense contrasty colors.



Mike are you using dosemu 1.2.2?

The behavior has changed.

I used to use the same method before changing to 1.3.3 with either the HUGE font or selecting a font in .dosemurc.

Yes, I select the HUGE font.

The latest version 1.3.3 does not take on the geometry and font from the xterm - it sets up it's own window.

Hmm. Are you using dosemu or are you using xdosemu? I don't use
xdosemu, since its behavior is as you describe. But if I start
an xterm -pc -geometry 80x25 & and then set the font to HUGE
before starting dosemu, it works for me.

I've just tried both dosemu and xdosemu. Actually xdosemu is a soft link to dosemu.

From an xterm you can start dosemu which appears in a window that covers up your original xterm. You can see this by moving the dosemu window out of the way. Unless there was a change between 1.3.2 and 1.3.3 which causes the action to be different.

The 80x25 seems to be a default - don't know it it can be changed or not but 80x25 works well for me. The font selected in .dosemurc determines the actual window size.

I don't have a .dosemurc anywhere in my $HOME tree.

For some strange reason, dosemu does not put install a ~/.dosemu by default. I got mine by
cp /etc/dosemu/dosemu.conf ~/.dosemurc.
It's supposed to be the same file unless user customizes it as I did.
Having ~/.dosemurc allows you to customize dosemu on a user basis
instead of just a universal /etc/dosemu/dosemu.conf which I have kept pristine.

My customizations are to add to ~/dosemurc:

## Printer settings
$_printer = "Deskjet500"

## Setting specific to the X Window System (xdosemu, dosemu -X)
$_X_font = "vga12x30"           # The biggest 11" wide x 8.5"high

I'm currently using the biggest font I can find:
$_X_font = "vga12x30" # The biggest 11" wide x 8.5"high on 19" 1280x1024 screen.

Well, if it works for you, then I guess you are ok. But I find that
starting my own xterm, setting font size, and then using dosemu
works for me. I don't use xdosemu for the reasons you give.

Just be aware that might not work when you upgrade dosemu.


Larry Alkoff N2LA - Austin TX
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