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Am Montag, 10. April 2006 19:05 schrieben Sie:
> I used to run dosemu-1.2.2 and was able to get a very nice dosemu window
> under KDE with a large 12x21 font in an 80x25 window.
> Most of my dos programs require 80x25 and my tired old eyes really need
> a large font.
> How can I get the large font with dosemu-1.3.3?
> Background:
> To run dosemu-1.2.2 I had a KDE icon with the command line:
> kstart /usr/X11R6/bin/xterm -geometry 80x25 -font 12x24 -e godos -x
> The xterm produced had a nice large font and 80x25 screen
> with white background and,
> godos is a script that runs dosemu after a two second delay
> to give a large font white letter on black screen exactly the same size
> and location as the xterm (convers it up).
> When the same setup runs now, it produces the large xterm, but when
> dosemu runs it creates a separate small white letter on black window.
> The window is 80x25 but the fonts are too small to comfortably read.
> How can I increase the larger fonts?

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