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Mike McCarty wrote:
Larry Alkoff wrote:
Claudia Neumann wrote:

Am Montag, 10. April 2006 19:05 schrieben Sie:

I used to run dosemu-1.2.2 and was able to get a very nice dosemu window
under KDE with a large 12x21 font in an 80x25 window.

Most of my dos programs require 80x25 and my tired old eyes really need
a large font.

How can I get the large font with dosemu-1.3.3?


To run dosemu-1.2.2 I had a KDE icon with the command line:
kstart /usr/X11R6/bin/xterm -geometry 80x25 -font 12x24 -e godos -x

The xterm produced had a nice large font and 80x25 screen
with white background and,
godos is a script that runs dosemu after a two second delay
to give a large font white letter on black screen exactly the same size
and location as the xterm (convers it up).

When the same setup runs now, it produces the large xterm, but when
dosemu runs it creates a separate small white letter on black window.
The window is 80x25 but the fonts are too small to comfortably read.

How can I increase the larger fonts?


Thank you very very much Claudia. I copied your web page into my dosemu.nfo file.

After experimenting with the fonts installed by dosemu, I simply entered the 12x24 font I liked from with 1.2.2 from /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc
(not in /usr/local/share/dosemu/Xfonts) and it worked perfectly!
This makes my life a lot easier.

Finally I'm going to be able to use my old favorite dos programs (WS SuperCalc and Q&A) without eyestrain.

Do you have any advice for changing the white letters on black to something nicer like black letters on light background?


I have the same problem, along with the lower contrast.

Here's what I do, using the GNOME descktop manager:

(1) Start a text window
(2) $ xterm -pc -fg white -bg black -geometry 80x25
(3) When the window opens, in the text area...

You may prefer to switch the bg/fg colors, but anyway this gives a
nice large font with intense contrasty colors.



Mike are you using dosemu 1.2.2?
The behavior has changed.

I used to use the same method before changing to 1.3.3 with either the HUGE font or selecting a font in .dosemurc.

The latest version 1.3.3 does not take on the geometry and font from the xterm - it sets up it's own window.

The 80x25 seems to be a default - don't know it it can be changed or not but 80x25 works well for me. The font selected in .dosemurc determines the actual window size.
I'm currently using the biggest font I can find:
$_X_font = "vga12x30" # The biggest 11" wide x 8.5"high on 19" 1280x1024 screen.


Larry Alkoff N2LA - Austin TX
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