Re: FORMAT floppy: Drive_IO error

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Mike McCarty wrote:
Bart Oldeman wrote:

On Thu, 30 Mar 2006, Mike McCarty wrote:

Alain M. wrote:

Make the test with the latest version. Eric made a lot of Fixes while I was making tests. It is much better now, specialy in error conditions.

But... I made oll tests in real dos...


Thanks. I downloaded the latest and tried again. It is very
much faster. It also only found 8 bad sectors (hmm...). But
the very same IO error occurred.

So, where do I need to report the problem?

DOSEMU. It cannot and has never been able to format floppies, to be precise, BIOS int13/ah=5 is not implemented.

I don't believe so, for a number of reasons.

[snip reasons]

OTOH, I degaussed a known-good disc, and FORMAT.EXE was unable
to format it under FreeDOS, whereas it was able to under MSDOS
6.0. It failed right away, reporting the FORMAT TRACK call failed.

Nonetheless, it was not the BIOS FORMAT TRACK which failed
in the earlier attempt.

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