Re: FORMAT floppy: Drive_IO error

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Bart Oldeman wrote:
On Thu, 30 Mar 2006, Mike McCarty wrote:

Alain M. wrote:

Make the test with the latest version. Eric made a lot of Fixes while I was making tests. It is much better now, specialy in error conditions.

But... I made oll tests in real dos...


Thanks. I downloaded the latest and tried again. It is very
much faster. It also only found 8 bad sectors (hmm...). But
the very same IO error occurred.

So, where do I need to report the problem?

DOSEMU. It cannot and has never been able to format floppies, to be precise, BIOS int13/ah=5 is not implemented.

I don't believe so, for a number of reasons.

First, the disc *was* written, and the % completion went up to
100 percent.

Second, the FAT writing was stated to work.

Third, the reported error was a WRITE, not a FORMAT TRACK.

Fourth, I ran the same program on a pure MSDOS 6.0 machine,
under the control of an interrupt capture and analysis
program I wrote several years ago, and verified that
the FORMAT TRACK calls were made during the time that was
reporting % complete. The call which appeared to fail
was indeed a BIOS WRITE.

Fifth, with a disc which was verified to format properly
under MSDOS with the FORMAT.EXE program (latest version)
and with MSDOS FORMAT, the program was capable of formatting
the disc under DOSEMU.

Unfortunately, I was unable to use my interrupt capture
program under DOSEMU, as it always reported not enough
memory to load the program. Apparently, the BORLANDC
link library code for loading/executing a program doesn't
work with DOSEMU for some reason.

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