Re: [PATCH] block: bugfix for Amiga partition overflow check patch

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On 03.07.23 16:19, Christian Zigotzky wrote:
On 03.07.23 09:05, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
So, Christian, unless you can actually enlighten us on a reproducible
way how users with those setups end up with incorrect partition tables
like this, I consider this case closed. So far you didn't.

This is a very simple explanation. The first partitions on the RDB disk were created with Media Toolbox on OS4.1. After that some additional partitions were created with Linux and formatted with ext4.
With the new patched kernel, these can no longer be mounted.

I will try out, if I can correct them with GParted. If it works, then I will write some instructions for correcting the partitions via GParted for the end users.

GParted is a good tool and suitable for our customers.

I know, this is a very old bug and no one has noticed this one. I have not received any error messages because of Linux partitions on RDB disks in the last 10 years. I am very happy that this bug is fixed now but we have to explain it to our customers why they can't mount their Linux partitions on the RDB disk anymore. Booting is of course also affected. (Mounting the root partition)

But maybe simple GParted instructions are a good solution.
You can apply the patch. I will revert this patch until I find a simple solution for our community.

Thank you for fixing this issue!

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