Re: [PATCH] block: bugfix for Amiga partition overflow check patch

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Christian Zigotzky - 02.07.23, 06:37:50 CEST:
On 02 July 2023 at 04:17 am, Michael Schmitz wrote:
 I'm sorry to say I cannot see a new RDB partition bug her, just the
result of undefined behaviour due to overflowing a 32 bit nr_sect
size calculation in the old RDB code.
Thanks a lot for your explanation!

Actually, we need your patch because there is a very old bug but there
are some endusers with RDB disks with Linux partitions. If I apply
your patch to our kernels, then I need an enduser friendly solution
for fixing the issue with their file systems.

I have read through the last mails without commenting. I admit: I do not 
yet get what is wrong here? A checksum was miscalculated? Is this a 
regular thing to happen when using RDB disks with Linux partitions?

I do not yet get how this issue happens. What are the steps to reproduce 
it? And how likely is it to run into it?

Do you have a solution for the enduser (consumer)? How can they fix
their file systems? The next issue is, if an enduser uses an old
unpatched kernel with a partition, created with a new patched kernel.
I don't know how can I handle this issue in the consumer support.

I can't help all endusers and some are not active in forums etc.

How many end users are you speaking of?

Back then I thought I was the only one using a hard disk with mixed 
Amiga/Linux RDB setup.


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