Re: [PATCH] block: bugfix for Amiga partition overflow check patch

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Hi Martin

On 2/07/23 19:55, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
Christian Zigotzky - 02.07.23, 06:37:50 CEST:
On 02 July 2023 at 04:17 am, Michael Schmitz wrote:
  I'm sorry to say I cannot see a new RDB partition bug her, just the
result of undefined behaviour due to overflowing a 32 bit nr_sect
size calculation in the old RDB code.
Thanks a lot for your explanation!

Actually, we need your patch because there is a very old bug but there
are some endusers with RDB disks with Linux partitions. If I apply
your patch to our kernels, then I need an enduser friendly solution
for fixing the issue with their file systems.
I have read through the last mails without commenting. I admit: I do not
yet get what is wrong here? A checksum was miscalculated? Is this a
regular thing to happen when using RDB disks with Linux partitions?
I sent instructions to Christian on how to fix his partition table so the size mismatch between partition and filesystem (caused by the old RDB code) can be avoided, and misreading the checksum calculation code I forgot to update the checksum. That's all.



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