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> > Hello! My name's Amy. I'm really impressed by the work done to make
> > Clang (and the LLVM toolchain overall) able to compile the kernel.
> > Figured I might as well donate my monkey hours to helping make it run
> > on other compilers as well. I haven't been able to find any that use
> > the same arguments structure as GCC and Clang (read: you can pass it
> > in as CC=compilername in your $MAKEOPTS). Any compilers along that
> > route anyone here has worked with that I could work with?
> If you're interested, you should have a look at TCC (tiny CC) :
> It compiles extremely fast, implements some subsets of gcc (a few
> attributes for example), but is far from being able to compile a kernel
> (at least last time I checked). Its speed makes it very convenient for
> development. I made some efforts to make haproxy support it (and provided
> some fixes to tcc) as it compiles the whole project in 0.5 second instead
> of ~10 seconds with a modern gcc. It could probably compile a kernel in
> 15-20 seconds if properly supported, and this could be particularly handy
> for development and testing.

For the record, yes, something that compiles kernel fast would be very
very nice.

Best regards,


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