Re: Alternative compilers to GCC/Clang

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On Tue, 2 Feb 2021, Borislav Petkov wrote:

> + Micha.

Huh, someone found my video ;-)

> > > > > > attributes for example), but is far from being able to compile 
> > > > > > a kernel

A _current_ kernel maybe :)  Some 4.6 x86-64 kernel in qemu in a certain 
config plus a little patches definitely does work.  Slowly, but usable.  
See the repo Boris mentioned.

> > > > It's definitely something to work towards - but I don't know if kernel
> > > > advancements requiring newer GCC versions will go slow enough to allow
> > > > TCC improvements to arise. This isn't just something like with Clang
> > > > where a few tweaks to files and to Clang itself did the trick.
> > > 
> > > Maybe this'll help you find something to do:
> > > 
> > >
> > > 
> > > Yes, it would be lovely to be able to compile the kernel with tcc but it
> > > is not going to be trivial.

As tcc is so simple it's actually not too much hassle, the biggest 
roadblocks should be gone; the usage of inline asm in the kernel is ... 
creative ... and hence the single pass nature of TCC and the C-asm 
integration pose some challenges ;)  Also anything that requires inlining 
to remove dead but non-conforming code (like calling undefined functions) 
needs an alternative like macros expanding to zero, instead of a function 
returning zero.  (I even have an limited inliner for tcc, but I didn't 
like it too much)

(My interest was tcc, not kernel development, which is why I never did 
anything with that 4.6 kernel, I wanted to retain a stable and big known 
source base for tcc hackery.  If someone is interested in kernel compiling 
that can change the picture of course; I think I at least remember most of 
the reasons for the kernel patches I had to do to make my tcc hackery 
easier :) ).

> It would be good to start forward-porting and integrating some of the 
> fixes and even extend tcc to handle some of the gnuisms we're using in 
> the kernel so that we can build the kernel with it too.
> I can imagine having CONFIG_TCC - as long as that doesn't get too 
> intrusive and get in the way of things - and those who wanna build the 
> kernel with it, can enable it. For example...


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