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Hi guys,
2009/1/27 Tobias Stoeber <tobi@xxxxxxxx>:> Hi Christoph,>> Just had a look at your zip archive and the files.>> Christoph Pfister schrieb:>> I've updated my de-files:>> - fixed the url (inserted the wrong one by accident)>> - fixed vhf channels (they were using 8mhz because my trigger was wrong)>> - add the the "# CHxy: name of programs" information>> - 563 MHz --> 562 MHz (their pdf seems to use a wrong frequency for channel 32)
As Hermann already pointed out, I've committed these files to hg. I'veextracted as much information as possible from the pdf (there arestill errors remaining: a ch65 <--> 778 MHz mapping somewhere, whichI'll fix myself, and the Hamburg 1/4 <--> 1/8 duplication, which Iwon't touch) and I've done some spot checks against the existing scandata. This should help many regions (where the scan files were justcollecting dust). So please (re-)post your additions relative to thesefiles.
> You are right. 562 MHz as nominal frequency is correct, because for> DVB-T this is calculated 306 MHz + channel number x 8 MHz. VHF would be> 142.5 MHz + channel number x 7 MHz.>> It's just a centre frequency used for tuning purposes. The DVB-T signal> should (ideally) use a 8 MHz width space from 559.25 MHz to 567.25 MHz> for Ch 32.>>> But I haven't looked at the new documents proposed in this thread yet.>> I didn't compare that either. Could also be difficult, because of> different revision dates.>> Looking through your files in the zip archive, it rose some questions in> my mind:>> a) is it really useful to have scan files by federal state (Bundesland)?>> Just let me explain with an example. I live in Sachsen-Anhalt on the> north of the Harz Mountains area. To effectivly ("best") use DVB-T I do> combine both transmitters in Sachsen-Anhalt (Mt. Brocken) and from> Niedersachsen (Braunschweig). This is because some channels are only> available from a specific transmitting site (private channels only from> Braunschweig, RBB only from Brocken). The same applies to other regions> in Sachsen-Anhalt (south east will have reception from Sachsen and> Thüringen, north east from Berlin / Brandeburg etc.)>> I think, this situation will also apply to other federal states.>> => I personally would prefer to stay with or alternatively provide a> region based file, so I could look up and combine the regions of> interest. What do you think?
There are always "edge" cases, between transmitters, regions orcountries. If you want, you can always c&p from different files (theydon't hurt each other). But the cost-benefit side looks a bitdifferent: Using that pdf I could (hopefully) produce working data formany people. Imho taking care of all those intersection cases is moreeffort and not necessarily justified. And I reall hope that auto-scanwill spread more ...
> b) Conflicting information>> In your "Sachsen-Anhalt" scanfile you list on Ch 24 the ARD multiplex> with (Halle-Stadt):>> T 498000000 8MHz 2/3 NONE QAM64 8k 1/4 NONE> # CH24: Das Erste, arte, Phoenix, EinsFestival>> which is for a large part of Sachsen-Anhalt useless (we can't receive> that), as we actually receive on Ch 24 (from Braunschweig)>> T 498000000 8MHz 2/3 NONE QAM16 8k 1/4 NONE> # CH24: RTL, RTL II, Super RTL, VOX>> => have a look at QAM, its QAM64 in your scanfile and QAM16 for Ch24 we> actually receive.>> => Does it matter, e.g. would instead of the unreceivable Ch24 from> Halle-Stadt the Braunschweig Ch24 be found? (I did not test this).>> c) You clearly missed out some information. I noticed for instance Ch 37> in Leipzig (Sachsen) which is the "Leipzig 1" multiplex>> Please have a look at the already posted link to SLM or my homepage:>>>> On the other hand I doubt, that it would be a useful entry into a> "Sachsen" scanfile because reception is limited to the area of the city> of Lepzig.>> As I have no overview of regional "special projects" in other area, such>  omissions in the files may apply to other areas too.>> @Barry>> Just as a sidenote and for historical purposes I may point you to:>>>> which gives an overview how in 2003 the concept for the north of Germany> had been planned. This information is obsolete and has changed, but the> document show a bit, how decisions evolved in consideration of federal> state and "Medienanstalt" boundaries (e.g. Bremen) etc.>> Regards, Tobias
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