Re: How to use scan-s2?

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> > As an owner of cx24116 device you should know that it doesn't allow any AUTO
> > settings, so you have to create an INI file with all parameters explicitly
> > specifed (FEC, modulation, rolloff).
> >
> > I believe this is the main problem.
> >
> > Also, please take the latest scan-s2, I've done some changes especily for
> > cx24116 cards.
> Thanks for the hint, I will try to investigate this more.
> I didn't know this because the old scan from dvb-apps have seemed to 
> find channels even with this simpler Satellite scan data that comes 
> withing dvb-apps for Astra.
> Could you or somebody else give me an example from the satellite conf file 
> where all those fields are filled in? I am little confused from those 
> parameters.

please use the latest scan-s2 with this ini files
> How about the channel data generated by the scan-s2 or scan with "-o vdr" 
> option. Should I also make some changes to those manually?


> I think there must however be a bug either in scan-s2 or hvr-4000 S2API 
> driver, if it's will start scanning even if the given input data is 
> invalid. I mean that I think the driver and S2API should "hide away" the 
> differences between different S/S2 chipsets in a way that same data given 
> by the user space application should be acceptable for any card/s2-driver.

with hvr4000 and ini files from and with the latest
scan-s2 I could scan dvb-s transponders without any problem

I didn't try to scan dvb-s2 yet 


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