USB_PCI - remove? or improve?

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Recently I upgraded from 4.5 to 4.14;
Because of an over-hasty run of make oldconfig,  in which I answered N to USB_PCI
after reading its help,  I then lost my usb hid devices.

Thinking about this and re-reading that USB_PCI help (pasted below)
I am wondering if either this config option be removed entirely?
or,  if really needed,  could the help be reworded to be more helpful? (suggestion below)

Firstly,  it seems to me that, maybe,  whether or not to include PCI-bus support 
in USB support *ought* to be inferrable based on what host controllers
and other USB hardware I have configured,  plus whether or not I have
actually selected any SOC devices.
E.g.  USB_UHCI_HCD would be exposed based only on whether PCI=y as in 4.5,
and,  if USB_UHCI_HCD=y,   then include PCI-bus in USB.
I don't know enough about this but thought I would ask.

Cheers,  John

Current help:

  PCI based USB host interface (USB_PCI) [Y/n/?] (NEW) ?


A lot of embeded system SOC (e.g. freescale T2080) have both
PCI and USB modules. But USB module is controlled by registers
directly, it have no relationship with PCI module.

When say N here it will not build PCI related code in USB driver.

Symbol: USB_PCI [=y]
Type  : boolean
Prompt: PCI based USB host interface
    -> Device Drivers
      -> USB support (USB_SUPPORT [=y])
  Defined at drivers/usb/Kconfig:75
  Depends on: USB_SUPPORT [=y] && PCI [=y]


Suggested help:


The purpose of this option is to reduce the size of the USB code
in embedded systems which have USB controllers that do not use a PCI bus.
An example is the SOC chips in a freescale T2080.
If you have such a system in which all USB controllers do not use a PCI bus,
say N to exclude PCI related code in the USB code.
If unsure,  say Y--
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