Having trouble turning on sound soc device driver

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First, I hope that this is the correct forum to ask this question. I've read up on all the documentation for Kconfig that I can find and I'm still a bit confused about what is happening.

I'm trying to add a driver to a Raspberry Pi3 kernel that I'm compiling in the Yocto system. The driver is for an SOC codec.  

I've been able to add configuration for other driver modules and have gotten them to work correctly, the problem that I'm having has to do with the driver for a Maxim 9768 codec. The driver exists in the sound/soc/codecs directory.

In looking at the Kconfig file the driver that I'm trying to enable is specified like this:  

config SND_SOC_MAX9768 

No menu entry is created for it, and if I select it through the Yocto build system, it ends up being dropped.

The entry for the other SOC driver that I have been able to turn on it looks like this:

config SND_SOC_WM8978 
        tristate "Wolfson Microelectronics WM8978 codec"
        depends on I2C

Near the top of the Kconfig file is this:  

menu "CODEC drivers"

         tristate "Build all ASoC CODEC drivers"
         depends on COMPILE_TEST
         select SND_SOC_88PM860X if MFD_88PM860X
         select SND_SOC_MAX9768 if I2C

The "if I2C" seems to be being associated with the MAX9768 config, but I2C is true in the configuration, so that shouldn't limit it.  

I've attached the full sound/soc/codecs/Kconfig file just in case.

Can anyone shed any light on what is happening? Or point me somewhere that I can get more information?  


Greg Wilson-Lindberg

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