what's the fast way to enable a config item?

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hi all,

I have a simple question (have searched but didn't get any good answer

what's the best way to enable a config item without interactive
interface? if I know the module name, I can find the CONFIG_ name by
this: then in menuconfig to search SENSORS_APPLESMC to enable it;

    $ find -name Makefile |xargs grep -w applesmc
    ./drivers/hwmon/Makefile:obj-$(CONFIG_SENSORS_APPLESMC)	+= applesmc.o

but is there a good way to enable it without interactive interface?

the interactive config interfaces (menuconfig/gconfig/xconfig) are good
for one or two configs, but when I want to enable a list of modules,
this solution is not scalable;

I've tried localmodconfig with LSMOD= env variable, but the
localmodconfig doesn't seem to be working in this way, I feel it's
working by an elimination way, to start from a known to be working
config (maybe from a distro or somewhere)

    $ LSMOD=~/tmp/modules-merged make localmodconfig

while, I want to start with `make defconfig` and enable a list of config
needed; that to accept a list of CONFIG_* names, or a list of modules
name, does anyone if such a config method exists?

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