Re: linux's make oldconfig: Save in addition to [N/m/y/?], and ctrl-[C/\] to abort

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On Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 6:52 AM, Regid Ichira <regid23@xxxxxx> wrote:
> I find it useful to have the kernel configuration automatically
> pointing out only the NEW kernel configuration options.  Quite often,
> the kernel's
>     $ make oldconfig
> takes a long time.  In particular, when I am trying to find out more
> information on the NEW features.  The options that I am aware of when
> in the middle of make oldconfig are
>   1. [N/m/y/?] (and sometime one of these, say m, is not applicable)
>   2. ctrl-[C/\] to abort
> Do you agree that besides it is desirable to have a Save to file
> option?  That is,
>   (3. Save to file and continue to configure)
> This way, one might be able to return to where the work was left in
> the middle.
>   In addition, probably a
>   (4. Quit)
> is also required, so that one can leave the configuration process in
> an orderly manner.

You can do

yes "" | make oldconfig > oldconfig-output.txt
grep "(NEW)" oldconfig-output.txt

to see all the new options.
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