linux's make oldconfig: Save in addition to [N/m/y/?], and ctrl-[C/\] to abort

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  I find it useful to have the kernel configuration automatically 
pointing out only the NEW kernel configuration options.  Quite often,
the kernel's

    $ make oldconfig

takes a long time.  In particular, when I am trying to find out more
information on the NEW features.  The options that I am aware of when
in the middle of make oldconfig are
  1. [N/m/y/?] (and sometime one of these, say m, is not applicable)
  2. ctrl-[C/\] to abort
Do you agree that besides it is desirable to have a Save to file 
option?  That is,
  (3. Save to file and continue to configure)
This way, one might be able to return to where the work was left in
the middle.  
  In addition, probably a
  (4. Quit)
is also required, so that one can leave the configuration process in 
an orderly manner.
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