kconfig is required by many other softwares.

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I'm in an attempt to use kconfig for my project, and there are some other 
projects, such as uclibc, busybox, use a snapshot of kconfig to config 

Why not make the kconfig to be an individual GPL project so the other projects 
will have not to include the source of kconfig with some modifications to use 

And there will be some other projects which want to access kernel config too, 
the best way is to use the same source with the kconfig in kernel. If both 
kernel and other 'kconfig' user share the same kconfig, it will be very easy 
to share the config files.

All users of 'kconfig' can share the improvement of kconfig too if it is an 
individual project.

Now I try to set up kconfig in an independent source tree, and make it to be a 
user-friendly, customizable C library. Python binding will be provided for 
the following reasons:
* config program will be easier to be composed with script language.
* There is no performance and size limitation on config program.

Here is my current work, anybody can access it by:
svn co https://ako.3322.org/svn/repos/svn-kconfig/trunk kconfig

There is not many works now, I just copy the source from linux- and 
write a build script to compile it (by 'scons' which can be downloaded from 
http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/scons/scons-0.96.1.tar.gz ). A simple test 
program is added too.

To install scons, just untar it and run 'python setup.py install' in the 
untarred directory. (Homepage of scons: http://www.scons.org/)

To compile it, just run 'scons -u' in any directory of kconfig.

Any comments are welcomed.


Charles Wang, March 11, 2006.
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