Re: How exactly does `make menuconfig' work?

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network_gauner wrote:
> Sebastian Tennant wrote:
... when I did this, there was simply no vesafb graphics option, which
I need.  In fact, the only way I can gain access to this option is to
base my new config on my existing one in /boot (which already includes
it) by expliciting loading it as an `alternative'.
Why is this?
I don't know, but I think it should be caused by some option turned off. For example if you turn off ISA support, all options which are dependent on ISA disappear.

Assuming you want to turn CONFIG_VESA_FB on (?) drivers/video/Kconfig holds the key here.

config FB_VESA
        bool "VESA VGA graphics support"
        depends on (FB = y) && X86
        select FB_CFB_FILLRECT
        select FB_CFB_COPYAREA
        select FB_CFB_IMAGEBLIT

So you need 'Support for frame buffer devices' turned on, and X86 to be set to 'y'. Check your .config file that make menuconfig saves for both of these. I'm wondering whether you have, say, 'CONFIG_X86_32=y' but not 'CONFIG_X86=y'.

Why turn all of your .config defaults to 'no' anyway ? This is the underlying cause of your trouble.

I had been lead to believe that running:
  $ make menuconfig
... in a freshly unpacked kernel source automatically bases the new
config on your existing config.  I thought this was the case until I
came to the missing vesafb option.

Perhaps you may find that your distribution has kindly turned on the feature which stores the config file in /proc - in which case :

zcat /proc/config.gz > .config

will restore the config you used last time. They also may store the .config in /boot (debian does - e.g. config-2.6.8-2-686, config-2.6.15-rc3-mm1)

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