Re: Ambisonics IR-Reverb?

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I mean, if you are using this for stereo works, why not decode the impulse response and then feed into a stereo convolution reverb unit?

For b-format works, I'm not sure if this will work the same, but why couldn't you just use two stereo convolution reverb units and feed the w x y z channels to apply the convolution reverb? Ardour has a great feature that allows you to use stereo plugins in multichannel configurations by running multiple instances at the same time. LSP has a stereo convolution reverb you can try.

The second idea may be silly, but maybe it will work.

Brandon Hale

On 6/2/22 5:43 AM, Michael Jarosch wrote:
Am 02.06.22 um 06:30 schrieb Giso Grimm:
On 01.06.22 19:09, Jeanette C. wrote:
Jun 1 2022, Michael Jarosch has written:
I wonder if there is a reverb working with impulse response for
Hi Michael,
yes, there are B-format impulse responses. I can't remember if
jconvolver included at least one example.

I at least have one bundle in a folder called Bergamo, which includes
several b-format IRs from different spaces at that place. They were free
and may still be around.
the openair impulse response library from York university is online
again (it was down for a couple of years):

This is a great resource of recorded reverb, and contains documentation
in some spaces.


Thanks for your answers!

I'm not searching for impulse responses, I'm searching for a plugin / standalone reverb that can handle them. If jconvolver is the only option on linux audio, I'll take a look at it! Thanks, again!

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