Re: Ambisonics IR-Reverb?

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Jun 1 2022, Michael Jarosch has written:
I wonder if there is a reverb working with impulse response for ambsonics…?
Hi Michael,
yes, there are B-format impulse responses. I can't remember if
jconvolver included at least one example.

I at least have one bundle in a folder called Bergamo, which includes
several b-format IRs from different spaces at that place. They were free
and may still be around.

Besides that, there is the option to add artificial 3D reverb with some
"room modelling". Csound has such capabilities, possibly there are a few
plugins, LV2 or otherwise. A few binaural plugins have made quite a
splash over the past two or three years, which have included reverb.
There were free - as in beer - and commercial ones that stick in my
mind. Maybe other synth environments with easier interfaces also include
such capabilities, like SuperCollider or PD...


Best wishes,


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