Re: Ambisonics IR-Reverb?

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On 01.06.22 19:09, Jeanette C. wrote:
> Jun 1 2022, Michael Jarosch has written:
> ...
>> I wonder if there is a reverb working with impulse response for
>> ambsonics…?
> ...
> Hi Michael,
> yes, there are B-format impulse responses. I can't remember if
> jconvolver included at least one example.
> I at least have one bundle in a folder called Bergamo, which includes
> several b-format IRs from different spaces at that place. They were free
> and may still be around.

the openair impulse response library from York university is online
again (it was down for a couple of years):

This is a great resource of recorded reverb, and contains documentation
in some spaces.



> Besides that, there is the option to add artificial 3D reverb with some
> "room modelling". Csound has such capabilities, possibly there are a few
> plugins, LV2 or otherwise. A few binaural plugins have made quite a
> splash over the past two or three years, which have included reverb.
> There were free - as in beer - and commercial ones that stick in my
> mind. Maybe other synth environments with easier interfaces also include
> such capabilities, like SuperCollider or PD...
> HTH.
> Best wishes,
> Jeanette
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