Re: anyone with water cooled experience?

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On Fri, 6 May 2022 11:21:36 -0400
Joe Hartley <jh@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> No WC experience here, but I've built a silent PC.  I got a Fractal Design 
> case, a Zalman CPU fan that at its low speed is absolutely silent, and a
> fanless GPU card.
> My CPU runs in the 40-50C range consistently and the GPU rarely goes above 
> 45C.  I've been really happy with it for years now.  I don't think WC would
> have been any better.

In response to a private email that seems relevant, I've never measured
the noise level, but I don't really know that it's worth it.  The ambient
noise in the room is louder than my PC.  My work laptop, which is usually in
the same room, is far noisier even at rest.  Heck, my tinnitus is louder
than the PC.

I have a pair of hard drives in the system that I use for backups of
everything on the SSDs.  I've been startled before when I was at the 
computer late enough to hear the backup cron job start them up.

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