Re: [PATCH 1/2] arm64: dts: qcom: sm8550: Add dma-coherent property

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On 26.01.2024 03:34, Ling Xu wrote:
> 在 2024/1/26 0:38, Konrad Dybcio 写道:
>> On 1/25/24 11:24, Ling Xu wrote:
>>> Add dma-coherent property to fastRPC context bank nodes to pass dma
>>> sequence test in fastrpc sanity test, ensure that data integrity is
>>> maintained during DMA operations.
>>> Signed-off-by: Ling Xu <quic_lxu5@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>>> ---
>> How can we replicate this validation?
>> Konrad
> Without this change, case8 and case14 about DMA sequence test in fastRPC sanity test can not pass.
> The steps to do fastRPC sanity test is:
> code
> p4 login
> export PATH="$PATH:/prj/qct/asw/qctss/linux/bin/vce"
> view --base fastrpctest.common.1.0 --checkout=<username> --root .

I'm assuming it's not this one..

> 2.compile command
> chmod -R 777 ./fastrpc_tests && python3 ./fastrpc_tests/ -target=LE
> fastRPC test
> fastrpc_tests_ReleaseG_push_LE.bat
> adb shell fastrpc_tests -e (case number) -d 3

I see, however there has been some talks about halting fastrpc developments
until an open source userspace counterpart is ready, as upstream outright
rejects binary glue..

That said, I am not sure whether I'd be against fixing up the devicetree


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