Re: [PATCH v2 8/8] arm64: defconfig: enable interconnect and pinctrl for SM4450

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On 16/09/2023 04:21, Trilok Soni wrote:

>>>> No, this should be =m and you need to fix your system.
>>>> Best regards,
>>>> Krzysztof
>>> Hi Krzysztof,
>>> Find new way which can load ko files on SM4450 platform, still need use 
>>> "Y", because of some other modules have dependence to these two config, 
>>> like scm, smmu module drivers, uart shell console cannot be got if set 
>>> to "m".
>> That's what I am asking, which device exactly needs it.
>>> Also do test for setting these two config to "m" on SM8450 platform, get 
>>> uart shell consle failed if so setting.
>> Yeah, this we know, I did this. I am asking about SM4450.
> Why we have =m requirement when other drivers above are =Y?. Can we confirm
> w/ Georgi? I am not aware that Interconnect drivers needs to be =m only.

There is a requirement of all drivers which can be a module, to be a module.

Best regards,

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