RE: forkat(int pidfd), execveat(int pidfd), other awful things?

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From: Andy Lutomirski
> Sent: 01 February 2021 18:30
> 2. A sane process creation API.  It would be delightful to be able to
> create a fully-specified process without forking.  This might end up
> being a fairly complicated project, though -- there are a lot of
> inherited process properties to be enumerated.

Since you are going to (eventually) load in a program image
have to do several system calls to create the process isn't
likely to be a problem.
So using separate calls for each property isn't really an issue
and solves the horrid problem of the API structure.

So you could create an embryonic process that inherits a lot
of stuff from the current process, the do actions that
sort out the fds, argv, namespace etc.
Finally running the new program.

It would probably make implement posix_spawn() easier.


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