Re: [PATCH v4 2/3] greybus: Add BeaglePlay Linux Driver

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+static void hdlc_handle_rx_frame(struct gb_beagleplay *bg)
+	u8 address = bg->rx_buffer[0];
+	char *buffer = &bg->rx_buffer[2];
+	size_t buffer_len = bg->rx_buffer_len - 4;
+	switch (address) {
+		hdlc_handle_dbg_frame(bg, buffer, buffer_len);
+		break;
+		hdlc_handle_greybus_frame(bg, buffer, buffer_len);
+		break;
+	default:
+		dev_warn(&bg->serdev->dev, "Got Unknown Frame %u", address);
Probably as well in several places with possible flooding.

I don't think `hdlc_handle_rx_frame` is the correct place since it only processes a single completed HDLC frame.  The more appropriate place would be `hdlc_rx` if we want to limit based on the number of HDLC frames or `gb_beagleplay_tty_receive` to limit based on the number of bytes.

I would like to ask, though, why is rate limiting required here? Won't `serdev_device_ops->receive_buf` already rate limit the number of bytes somewhat? Or is it related to blocking in the `serdev_device_ops->receive_buf` callback? In the case of latter, it would probably make sense to ratelimit based on number of frames, I think.

Ayush Singh

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