Re: about the incoming call of a terminal behind NAT Thanks!

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Hi Jan,

Thanks for this info!  I tested again and yes as you mentioned it is because my NAT blocked the facility-message sent out from terminal-A(NATed) to GnuGK, the details are as the following:

- if I set CallSignalPort as 1720, then from wireshark in terminal-A(NATed) I can see facility-message sent out to GnuGK's 1720-port, but in GnuGK side I didn't see this facility-message
- if I set CallSignalPort other than as 1720(1721/1722...), the call is OK and I see facility-message (to GnuGK's 1721/1722...port) in both side so my NAT didn't block it

Bo Xu


to GnuGk it shouldn't make a difference with signal port you use (and
in current releases 1720 is the default).

Maybe you have a firewall in the path that thinks it knows H.323 and
treats traffic on port 1720 differently and breaks H.460.18 ? Cisco

I would check the GnuGk trace if a.) GnuGk accepts the H.4601.8 feature
in the endpoint registration and b.) if it tries to send out an SCI
when the endpoint is called.


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On Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 4:57 PM, Bo Xu <boxuscience@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I just change CallSignalPort back to 1721(1721 is its default value, but normally we set it as 1720 so when terminal dial GnuGK we don't need to specify the prot 1721), now  terminal-B can call terminal-A(NATed) fine as the following:
I saw after terminal-A(NATed) sent facility message to GnuGk's port-1721, GnuGK sent back setup message
could you tell me why there is no setup message sent back from GnuGK if I set CallSignalPort as 1720 in the gatekeeper.ini? if I still want to use 1720 as CallSignalPort how to do that Thanks!


On Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 4:20 PM, Bo Xu <boxuscience@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have a GnuGK with H.460.18 enabled, and terminal-A and terminal-B all register to that GnuGK, and terminal-A is behind NAT.

when terminal-A(NATed) calls terminal-B everything works fine, but when terminal-B calls terminal-A(NATed), from the wireshark in terminal-A, I saw:
GnuGK sent SCI to terminal-A(NATed)'s 1719-port
terminal-A(NATed) sent SCR to GnuGK's 1719-port
then terminal-A(NATed) sent facility to GnuGK's 1720-port(I set GnuGK use 1720 as CallSignalPort)

but after that, GnuGK didn't sent Setup messge back to terminal-A(NATed) as mentioned here:

I guess the facility massage terminal-A(NATed) sent to GnuGK might not be correct so GnuGK refuse to sent Setup back, could you give me a sample of the correct facility messge?  is there other issue in what I did in the above? it is right for terminal-A(NATed) sent facility-message to GnuGK's 1720-port? Thanks!

Bo Xu

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