Re: Incoming calls fail

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when starting GnuGk without a config, it will default to direct-mode,
but you are starting it through a script, probably provided by your
Linux distribution and they probably use a default config file. Check
for /etc/gatekeeper.ini or /etc/gnugk.ini. That you are able to make
calls from an unregistered endpoint to GnuGk tells me that your
gatekeeper can't be running in direct-mode.

When using GnuGk for NAT traversal, you should put it at least in
routed-mode. When endpoints use H.460.18, GnuGk will automatically
switch their calls into proxy-mode, for NAT traversal to work.


Jan Willamowius, jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx,

Joe Dow wrote:
> I'm using it without a config for testing.  /etc/init.d/gnugk start  ...
> what mode would this be by default?? Should I set it to be direct and not
> routed?
> The problem we have with the polycom RMX without using the gatekeeper is
> that when it dials out, it can connect 2 sites, on the 3rd site natting
> becomes an issue and it fails to connect.  Incoming is fine without the
> gnugk.
> End goal is to use the gnugk to make it all work.
> Joe
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> Joe,
> you probably have configured GnuGk for routed-mode or even proxy-mode and it
> will forward all messages from the calling endpoint to your RMX.
> Thats fine.
> When you enable GnuGk's tracing (trace level 5), you can check why these
> inbound calls fail.
> Regards,
> Jan
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> Joe Dow wrote:
> > I have a polycom RMX1500 setup using the gnugk, outgoing calls are 
> > fine however when someone calls in, it shows the ip of the gnugk and 
> > then disconnects within seconds.  The endpoint that is calling I NOT 
> > setup to use the gnugk. so why would I see the ip of the gatekeeper 
> > and not the ip of the endpoint when it connects?
> > 
> > Joe

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