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Hi Strahil,

Sorry for the latin reply. I did not catch this response until just now. 

For the "What do you mean with one unit ?" I meant making 5 bricks (of equal size of the original 5) within that unit and adding that to the existing gluster volume "Number of Bricks: 1 x (4 + 1) = 5". Those 5 bricks just happen to be individual storage units. 

  Thanks, Ted

On Thu, Mar 28, 2024 at 4:28 PM Theodore Buchwald <buchwald@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

And thank you to the users of the group. That clarified what I was wondering and answered my question on the additional storage space.

I had another question in regard to adding a unit to this gluster disperse setup. I may be able to add a large capacity JBOD to this gluster configuration. So I would be able to divide the single storage unit into 5 bricks of the same size of each of the existing 5 bricks that are configured in the gluster cluster.

My question is this possible to do with one unit and add to the single volume "Volume Name: researchdata" in my existing setup? Reading documentation on adding to a disperse volume I am not sure on how to proceed with this type of addition.

   Thanks Tbuck!

On Wed, Mar 13, 2024 at 5:39 PM Theodore Buchwald <buchwald@xxxxxxxx> wrote:


This is the first time I have tried to expand the storage of a live gluster volume. I was able to get another supermicro storage unit for a gluster cluster that I built. The current clustered storage configuration contains five supermicro units. And the cluster volume is setup with the following configuration:

node-6[/var/log/glusterfs]# gluster volume info


Volume Name: researchdata

Type: Disperse

Volume ID: 93d4-482a-8933-2d81298d5b3b

Status: Started

Snapshot Count: 0

Number of Bricks: 1 x (4 + 1) = 5

Transport-type: tcp


Brick1: node-1:/mnt/data/researchdata-1

Brick2: node-2:/mnt/data/researchdata-2

Brick3: node-3:/mnt/data/researchdata-3

Brick4: node-4:/mnt/data/researchdata-4

Brick5: node-5:/mnt/data/researchdata-5

Options Reconfigured:

features.quota-deem-statfs: on

features.inode-quota: on

features.quota: on

storage.fips-mode-rchecksum: on

transport.address-family: inet

nfs.disable: on

locks.mandatory-locking: optimal

Adding the node to the cluster was no problem. But adding a brick using 'add-brick' to the volume resulted in "volume add-brick: failed: Incorrect number of bricks supplied 1 with count 5". So my question is. What would be the correct amount of bricks needed to expand the storage on the current configuration of 'Number of Bricks: 1 x (4 + 1) = 5'? Without reconfiguring the volume all together.

Thanks in advance for any pointers in how to expand this volume's storage capabilities.

  Thanks, Tbuck


Ted Buchwald

Divisional LIT support of PBSci IT Staff

Earth & Marine Sciences Bldg , Room A309


Ted Buchwald

Divisional LIT support of PBSci IT Staff

Earth & Marine Sciences Bldg , Room A309


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