Re: Performance: lots of small files, hdd, nvme etc.

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Well, you have *way* more files than we do... :)

Il 30/03/2023 11:26, Hu Bert ha scritto:

Just an observation: is there a performance difference between a sw
raid10 (10 disks -> one brick) or 5x raid1 (each raid1 a brick)
Err... RAID10 is not 10 disks unless you stripe 5 mirrors of 2 disks.

the same disks (10TB hdd)? The heal processes on the 5xraid1-scenario
seems faster. Just out of curiosity...
It should be, since the bricks are smaller. But given you're using a replica 3 I don't understand why you're also using RAID1: for each 10T of user-facing capacity you're keeping 60TB of data on disks. I'd ditch local RAIDs to double the space available. Unless you desperately need the extra read performance.

Options Reconfigured:I'll have a look at the options you use. Maybe something can be useful
in our case. Tks :)

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