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Am Di., 21. März 2023 um 23:36 Uhr schrieb Martin Bähr
> the primary data is photos. we get an average of 50000 new files per
> day, with a peak if 7 to 8 times as much during christmas.
> gluster has always been able to keep up with that, only when raid resync
> or checks happen the server load sometimes increases to cause issues.

Interesting, we have a similar workload: hundreds of millions of
images, small files, and especially on weekends with high traffic the
load+iowait is really heavy. Or if a hdd fails, or during a raid

our hardware:
10x 10TB hdds -> 5x raid1, each raid1 is a brick, replicate 3 setup.
About 40TB of data.

Well, the bricks are bigger than recommended... Sooner or later we
will have to migrate that stuff, and use nvme for that, either 3.5TB
or bigger ones. Those should be faster... *fingerscrossed*


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