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Please don't do that. You're propagating a technical facet of a font family (variability) inside the font family name. This is the completely wrong model, user-visible font lists should only include lists of font designs, and the text stack select the correct technical implementation (among those available) transparently depending on its rendering needs.

User-visible font lists are not here to make humans compensate app defects in font file selection.

I firmly intend to mask all those technical font names Fedora-side when they exist upstream, and rewrite them within fontconfig rules so there is a single font family exposed to users (as was already done a decade ago for the Droid mess).

So no:
  Foo Variable
  Foo Math
  Foo Hebrew
  Foo TT
  Foo OT
  Foo my text stack sucks so I make font file selection a human problem
exposed to the user.

Just a single Foo family, and pango and others have to learn how to select the correct pile of bytes within the files tagged as Foo to format the text user wants to be rendered in Foo.

If fontconfig is not providing pango and others sufficient info to make this selection reliably, fix that instead of involving the user.

Let's not reproduce the horror that PS1 font selection was in TEX, for next-gen OpenType features, based on fontconfig.


Nicolas Mailhot
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