Re: Improving Latin font selection for CJK locales

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> >
> >  => Locales missing "region" would also be permissable (and I think
> > this variant would be extremely useful and I think translators would
> > perhaps favor the generality that this option provides in many
> > real-life applications):
> Also strongly support this. For de_Latf.
> But I would urge for the script code with the first letter capitalized, so it
> can be properly distinguished from the language or region code.

Request for Comments RFC-4646 / Best Current Practice (BCP-47)
( ) states:

  " o  [ISO639-1] recommends that language codes be written in lowercase
      ('mn' Mongolian).

   o  [ISO3166-1] recommends that country codes be capitalized ('MN'

   o  [ISO15924] recommends that script codes use lowercase with the
      initial letter capitalized ('Cyrl' Cyrillic). "

and also:

  " Although case distinctions do not carry meaning in language tags,
   consistent formatting and presentation of the tags will aid users.
   The format of the tags and subtags in the registry is RECOMMENDED.
   In this format, all non-initial two-letter subtags are uppercase, all
   non-initial four-letter subtags are titlecase, and all other subtags
   are lowercase. "

One more important thing is that the order of the subtags in BCP47 is
languageCode-scriptCode-territory, i.e.:


So it would seem that Pango, FontConfig, and the whole Linux / Free Desktop
in general will want to just follow RFC 4646 / BCP47 (if they are not
already doing
just that).

(As for me, I should have known to read the RFC/BCP before writing my email,
but "better late than never" is more or less the story of my life ... )

-- Best Wishes -- Ed Trager
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