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>>>>> "Donn" == Donn  <donn.ingle@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
Use fc-cat to see what the names are.  For the ttc files I get:
filename            i  en fontname      ja fontname==================  =  ===============  ==============mikachan_puchi.ttc  0  mikachan-puchi   みかちゃん-ぷちmikachan_puchi.ttc  1  mikachan-puchiB  みかちゃん-ぷちBmikachanall.ttc     0  mikachan         みかちゃんmikachanall.ttc     1  mikachan-P       みかちゃん-Pmikachanall.ttc     2  mikachan-PB      みかちゃん-PBmikachanall.ttc     3  mikachan-PS      みかちゃん-PS
There are several other useful attributes inthe fc-cat output.
And I was able to use those in GIMP.  They show up under the en namesfor me, since I use en_US.UTF-8.  I presume were I to run in a localesuch as ja_JA.UTF-8 they would show up in the menu under their Hiragananames.

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