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On Fri, 2024-02-16 at 11:29 +1100, Ian Laurie wrote:
> On 2/16/24 4:20 AM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> > Before removing it, it would be useful if you could try and figure out
> > what pulled it in. Does anything suggests: or recommends: it, or does
> > it enhances: or supplements: anything else?
> I'm going to need help wielding that sort of command line magic.

No need, your last idea gives us all the info we need.
> Meanwhile what I came up with:
> dnf repoquery --recommends weston
> dnf repoquery --enhances weston
> dnf repoquery --suggests weston
> dnf repoquery --supplements weston
> All resulted in nothing.  I did not yet remove it, but I wanted to see
> what would be removed along with it in case it provides a hint (this is
> an Xfce workstation):
> Removing
>   weston
> Removing dependent packages:
>   initial-setup-gui
>   initial-setup-gui-wayland-generic
> Removing unused dependencies:
>   aml
>   anaconda-core
>   anaconda-gui
>   anaconda-tui
>   anaconda-widgets
>   blivet-data
>   blivet-gui-runtime
>   flatpak-libs
>   freerdp2-libs
>   initial-setup
>   libblockdev-dm
>   libblockdev-mpath
>   libei
>   liboeffis
>   libreport-anaconda
>   libseat
>   libwinpr2
>   libxcvt
>   malcontent-libs
>   neatvnc
>   python3-blivet
>   python3-blockdev
>   python3-bytesize
>   python3-iso639
>   python3-kickstart
>   python3-libmount
>   python3-meh
>   python3-meh-gui
>   python3-pid
>   python3-productmd
>   python3-pwquality
>   python3-pyparted
>   python3-pyudev
>   python3-requests-file
>   python3-requests-ftp
>   python3-simpleline
>   python3-xkbregistry
>   tecla
>   turbojpeg
>   weston-libs
>   xorg-x11-server-Xwayland
> A bit surprised to see anaconda on that list.

Ahh, okay, yeah, so that more or less explains it. initial-setup-gui is
the anaconda-based initial setup experience that gets installed in some
package sets, and which you'd encounter on first boot if you didn't set
up a user account on install. It only really needs to be there for that
first boot after install, but we don't have a mechanism to get rid of
it after that, so it will hang around on your system forever unless you
manually uninstall it.

I think it's been moved to run on Weston because we're trying to get
rid of the anaconda industrial complex's deps and have it always
run on Wayland.

anaconda is on the list because dnf is just trying to be neat. Note
that "Removing unused dependencies" line. What that means is, dnf
noticed that the packages being removed (initial-setup-gui and initial-
setup-gui-wayland-generic) are the *only* packages you have installed
that depend on that long laundry list of packages, so hey, why not get
rid of those too? It's a configurable behaviour if you don't like it,
but it does usually make sense. anaconda is on the list because
initial-setup-gui is based on anaconda (so it requires it), and of
course, nothing else on an installed system requires the installer.

I'd say in this case it's totally fine to just go ahead. You don't need
all those packages installed.

I'm not sure we can "fix" this, really, so long as we don't have some
kind of neat mechanism for cleaning up the initial setup tool and its
dependencies once we're really sure you made it successfully through
initial setup.
Adam Williamson (he/him/his)
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