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On Thu, 2024-02-15 at 18:05 +1100, Ian Laurie wrote:
> Yes I know we're just a day from the branch... but I upgraded an Xfce
> workstation/Intranet server today to see how things would go.  A few
> observations:
> (1) The upgrade required the --allowerasing option which uninstalled
> intel-media-driver from RPM Fusion due to a conflict with a related
> Fedora package.
> (2) Password needed to be updated as per what happened with Rawhide a
> few weeks ago ~ login warning about my password expiring (it was set to
> never expire).  I'm guessing a file format changed somewhere?  Would be
> good if the upgrade could migrate the file rather than complaining the
> password is about to expire.
> (3) Weston got installed without my permission as per what happened on
> my virtual Rawhide instances a few weeks ago.  On Rawhide I just got rid
> of it without any known negative implications and will do the same for
> Fedora 40... but I am assuming this install was not intended?  It will
> need fixing before the public beta or there will be much screaming.

Before removing it, it would be useful if you could try and figure out
what pulled it in. Does anything suggests: or recommends: it, or does
it enhances: or supplements: anything else?
Adam Williamson (he/him/his)
Fedora QA
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