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Hey folks! Just to keep everyone in the loop regarding F39 plans.

As you may have noticed, we've slipped once or twice already (depending
on whether you count the "early target date") and are in danger of
slipping again. The go/no-go meeting is scheduled for tomorrow (2023-
10-26). The outstanding blockers are all Raspberry Pi-related, aside
from the shim one we've been waiving for several releases and intend to
waive again.

Matthew Miller, Kevin Fenzi and I came up with this plan: we're going
to run a compose right now without fixes for the two outstanding Pi
blockers (2241252 and 2244305). If QA can get sufficient testing on
this done by the go/no-go meeting, we can discuss the possibility of
shipping it and noting that there are known issues with Raspberry Pi
that are taking time to resolve, and Pi users should not install or
upgrade to F39 until they're resolved (or something like that).

If at any point a fix for 2241252 shows up, we'll run another compose
with the fix included. If that gets sufficient testing by the time of
the meeting, we can also consider that as a candidate to ship. If ARM
team decide to attempt a fix for 2244305 we'd also pull that in, but if
not, we think it's reasonable to consider revoting or waiving that bug,
as it seems not to happen very commonly or consistently and the
proposed "fix" apparently comes with tradeoffs of some kind.

So, QA folks, please stand ready to test one or two candidate composes
soon. If we wind up with two, we will consider most test results to
apply to both, as the only difference should be uboot-tools; we would
want to run ARM hardware tests, at least, on both composes if possible.
The usual announcement mails will be sent for the completed composes.

Thanks folks!
Adam Williamson (he/him/his)
Fedora QA
Fedora Chat: @adamwill:fedora.im | Mastodon: @adamw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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