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On Wed, 2023-04-12 at 09:00 -0400, Ben Cotton wrote:
> > Footnote - "What does this cover?":
> > Toolbox's general functionality as covered by this test cases
> >
> The test case seems to be much narrower than the text of the criterion
> implies. Is the test case insufficient or is the criterion too broad?

Also, this isn't really how we do things. The criterion should explain
itself. The test case covers the criterion. It's not really
procedurally sound for the criterion definition to reference the test
> > I think this criterion could target F39 Beta Release Criteria or Basic
> > Release Criteria [2].
> I'd say this is a Beta (or possibly Final, although I'm not sure if I
> believe that) criterion for now. When/if ostree variants become our
> primary desktop deliverable, moving it to Basic would make sense to
> me.

So aside from the good notes Ben provided, there's another problem: how
exactly does toolbox functionality intersect with the release process?

We don't produce the toolbox container image as part of the compose
process, so what exactly are we covering here? Is this a criterion for
the toolbox container image itself? For running toolbox from the media
produced as part of the compose?

The latter seems more practicable. In that case I'd probably write the
criterion to state that, i.e. something like "For any release-blocking
deliverable whose default deployment includes toolbox, it must be
possible to..." or something along those lines.
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