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On Wed, Apr 12, 2023 at 5:57 AM Sumantro Mukherjee <sumukher@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
There is a push from the
Dekstop team to have toolbox as a default app in the installer iso as

The 'toolbox' package is already installed by default. Or do you mean some related GUI app?
Toolbox aka Toolbx should be usable. Toolbox should be able to list,
create and provide the desired containerized environment to the user
without root privileges. Toolbox images should be generally

Footnote - "What does this cover?":
Toolbox's general functionality as covered by this test cases

Already covered by Ben and Adam, so just a few additional notes:
* We can't block on toolbox *images*, unless they are marked as release-blocking artifacts. If the Desktop team wants that, Ben will know the right process to take.
* We can block on the toolbox cli command. We can say that it must list existing containers, enter them, create a new one, etc. But since the toolbox images are not release-blocking at the moment, they might be broken, and then we won't be able to verify toolbox cli functionality (that's probably not a showstopper to creating this criterion). It would certainly make more sense to have both parts blocking, though :-)
* The criterion can't refer to the testcase for definitions. The criterion must contain definitions, and the testcase is then written to test them, that's the correct relation.

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