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On Fri, Mar 17, 2023 at 5:48 AM Kamil Paral <kparal@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Related to a recently proposed blocker [1][2], I propose a new release criterion which would cover such cases. Here it is:
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~
> The desktop environment must work correctly when displaying common application content - that includes regular application windows, video output, games and possibly other common content. Regular operations like windows close/resize/maximize/minimize/fullscreen (when supported/applicable), windows switching, using windows on virtual workspaces, and similar common operations must behave as expected.
> Footnote - "What does this cover?":
> A small number of misbehaving applications is not a violation of this criterion. The goal of this criterion is to ensure general functionality for different types of applications and their operations. An example of a violation would be e.g. if a significant number of QT applications couldn't be resized (but they should be), or if all Java applications failed to display any content.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> I think this criterion could target F38 Beta Release Criteria [3] or Basic Release Criteria [4].
> Please tell me your thoughts, thanks!
> Kamil
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]

I think this qualifies as Basic Release Criteria, since if the window
management functionality doesn't work, it's basically unusable. We
should also see if it's possible to have some OpenQA tests for this as
well. Maybe some open source game demo loops? Or maybe specially
crafted SDL applications for these use-cases?

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