new criterion proposal: Window manager functionality

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Related to a recently proposed blocker [1][2], I propose a new release criterion which would cover such cases. Here it is:

The desktop environment must work correctly when displaying common application content - that includes regular application windows, video output, games and possibly other common content. Regular operations like windows close/resize/maximize/minimize/fullscreen (when supported/applicable), windows switching, using windows on virtual workspaces, and similar common operations must behave as expected.

Footnote - "What does this cover?":
A small number of misbehaving applications is not a violation of this criterion. The goal of this criterion is to ensure general functionality for different types of applications and their operations. An example of a violation would be e.g. if a significant number of QT applications couldn't be resized (but they should be), or if all Java applications failed to display any content.

I think this criterion could target F38 Beta Release Criteria [3] or Basic Release Criteria [4].

Please tell me your thoughts, thanks!


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