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On 10/17/22 8:45 PM, Adam Williamson wrote:
On Fri, 2022-09-02 at 10:26 -0700, Adam Williamson wrote:

If we don't think it's worth doing that work, then we're kinda stuck
with openQA glomming onto the critpath definition to decide which
updates to test and gate, because I don't have any other current viable
choices for that, really. And we'd have to figure out a critpath
definition that's as viable as possible for both purposes.

BTW, one other thought I've had in relation to all this is that we
could enhance the current critpath definition somewhat. Right now, it's
built out of package groups in comps which are kinda topic-separated:
there's a critpath-kde, a critpath-gnome, a critpath-server, and so on.
But the generated critical path package list is a monolith: it doesn't
distinguish between a package that's on the GNOME critpath and a
package that's on the KDE critpath, you just get a big list of all
critpath packages. It might be nice if we actually did distinguish
between those - the critpath definition could keep track of which
critpath topic(s) a package is included in, and Bodhi could display
that information in the web UI and provide it via the API. That way
manual testers could get a bit more info on why a package is critpath
and what areas to test, and openQA could potentially target its test
runs to conserve resources a bit, though this might require a bit more
coding work on the gating stuff now I think about it.

That sounds useful. We only need a volunteer to figure out the details
and do the work ;)

I actually did a huge rewrite of the thing that generates the critpath
data this week, and it probably wouldn't be tooooo much work, honestly.
The most annoying bit would be the Bodhi frontend stuff, but that's
because I'm bad at frontend dev in general. :P But yeah, this is
definitely off in sky-castle land. I'll add it to my ever-growing list
of sky-castle projects to do when I get a couple of years of spare

So, an update on this whole area!

First off, I'm actually finding the time to do the sky-castle work. The
releng critpath script now outputs critpath data by group:

Bodhi (git HEAD Bodhi, anyway) can now read data in that format:

and when this PR is merged, it will be able to mark updates as critpath
by groups:

This has the handy bonus effect of enabling us to remove one of our
remaining uses of PDC. Once the Bodhi work is merged, I can send a PR
for the releng ansible repo to define per-group greenwave policies, run
the script nightly on the Bodhi boxes, and switch to the
'json' critpath type in Bodhi config, and finally I can then enhance
the openQA scheduler to only run the necessary tests for each update.

Second, since nobody really opposed the idea of extending the critpath
definition slightly, here's a formal proposal to implement that. I want
to edit the wiki critpath page:

and change it as follows:

1. Under Background, change "The packages required to sustain these
actions make up the critical path." to:

"The packages required to sustain these actions initially made up the
critical path. Later, it was agreed that the maintainers of Editions,
spins, and labs can also declare packages that provide other key
functionality to be part of the ''critical path'' for that Edition,
spin or lab."

2. Under Actions, change the first two sentences to read:

"Packages required to perform the most fundamental actions on a system
are always considered part of the ''critical path''. Those actions
include: "

Does anyone object to these proposed changes? Thanks!

I think this is a great improvement over what we had.

	Have a Great Day!

	Pat	(tablepc)
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