Re: Thoughts welcome: interface between automated test gating and the "critical path"

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On Tue, 2022-08-30 at 09:14 -0400, Ben Cotton wrote:
> From my perspective, anything that blocks the release is on the
> critical path. So any time there's a violation of the release criteria
> and the package is not on the critical path definition, that's a bug
> in the definition.
> I recognize that this is a somewhat naïve view. For one, it may
> broaden the definition beyond the current capacity of our test
> infrastructure. It also may broaden the definition beyond what
> maintainers are willing to put up with. These are both legitimate
> problems. But the closer we can get to this ideal state, the better.
> For anyone who is curious, I just searched for all accepted blockers
> in the "Fedora" product in Bugzilla. 327 components have been a
> blocker at least once. Some of those may no longer be blocking and
> others will be added over time as our criteria change. The full list
> with counts is at
> if
> you're interested.

Honestly, something along these lines would be my preference too, I
just don't know if others would agree/support changing the critical
path definition to "all release-blocking functionality" rather than
"functionality needed to boot a basically-functional system".

Thanks for the data! I will see if I can diff it against the current
critpath definition; that would be interesting.
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA
IRC: adamw | Twitter: adamw_ha

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