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See reply to Brian below - he has dibs on synthclone ;) Sorry for the top-post

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Subject: Re:  Some help please?
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2013 05:21:11 +0100
From: Brendan Jones <>
To: Brian Monroe <briancmonroe@xxxxxxxxx>

On 12/05/2013 09:24 PM, Brian Monroe wrote:

I hit Orcan up about sponsorship, as I've never done any Official
maintaining before. I've built a few RPMs for others and written a few
spec files, so I assume I'll be able to figure it out. Can you think of
a few packages that will be good for me to start looking at?

PS - I'm already in the Fedora Ambassadors group but I don't know what
next steps I need to take to joining the maintainers group. Any advice
is appreciated! Thanks!

On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 11:58 AM, Brendan Jones
< <>> wrote:

    Hey all,

    the number one reason for me floating the audio spin was to get more
    developers/packagers interested in Fedora. Waste of time it turned
    out.. Orcan has since toned down his contributions, but I'm sure
    he's amenable to sponsoring new packagers. I'm just worried if I get
    hit by a bus or something, which will leave us with no maintainership

    At the present time, I'm maintaining 100+ packages - crazy. There
    are a lot of ppl here who are capable, so if you have the time
    please step up

    music mailing list
    music@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:music@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Cool! Sorry if my email was a bit snarky. Was just getting really pissed
off with 10 of my packages failing to build due to a stupid compiler
flag added by Fedora (which I still don't agree to but I've made peace
with it).

I've been meaning to package the kxstudio stuff for a while now. I've
only got as far as packaging fst/festige. Falktx is not really distro
friendly, so licensing is sometimes hard to determine, but Cadence is a
great app. There is also nama for the blind users out there which we
don't really cater for which would be a great addition. Supercollider
(in CCRMA) is also another tricky one, but I've left that to Fernando
for the moment - would really prefer someone who actually uses it to
maintain as it is pretty important for his uni.

You can always check out the wishlist.

The list is a bit outdated now. Synthclone stands out there (awesome
program). There was an ecasound review that has died I think (someone
from GSOC started but did a really bad job and they stopped when they
weren't accepted) .

We always want more lv2 plugins, so keep an eye on Some there that are still not packaged
(that reminds me I have a few which will need releasing soon but you can
leave them to me ;) I think
there is also a port of CAPS to LV2 somewhere, also be good.

If you do submit a review remember to add the FedoraAudio tracking bug.
That way a few of us will be alerted to it. I recommend adding yourself
to the CC list also

I will keep an eye on anything you submit. Do you mind if I submit this
reply to the list? Maybe others who could use this info also

music mailing list

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